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"Excellence is the word I would use to describe Diversis! Having worked with Diversis on several projects over the last several years namely in immigration related matters the Diversis team have provided quality service, outstanding customer support added to the vast practical knowledge they hold in cultural awareness and diversity. The team provide relevant, up to date audience specific interactive training that engages the listeners, leaving them with the assured impression that this team really understand the topic and are experts in the field. I would never hesitate to recommend Diversis to any of my community partners or stakeholder networks. Thank you Diversis!"
Janet Moser
Fredericton Immigrant Business Services - The Hive

"With Enterprise Network, Diversis helped create the tools and information needed for hiring newcomers to the province. They truly believed in New Brunswick and are 100 per cent committed to making this province all it can be. I refer to Diversis quite frequently, anytime a project calls for professional, organized, dedicated and friendly individuals. Diversis’ understanding of the issues is clear, their knowledge of immigration is unprecedented, and their ability to interact with others is exceptional."
Richard LeBlanc
Executive Director
Enterprise Network

"Diversis organized an intense learning session for all of our stakeholders to show us how to work with employers and public and private institutions to create a seamless integration of newcomers. We learned more pertinent, practical information in that session than any other before, or since. Participants from Newfoundland to British Columbia benefited from the road maps, new information and recommendations provided that had been adapted specifically to our needs."
Yvette Bourque
Carrefour d'immigration Crossroad Yukon (CICY)

"If this were a movie, I’d rate Diversis as five-star. Their association is savvy not only in how New Brunswick thinks, but how other provinces and countries do as well. They’re efficient, effective, trustworthy and dependable, with an excellent background in diversity and immigration. Above all, their bilingual capacity is incomparable. They truly are bilingual in every sense of the word, boasting an all-bilingual staff and stellar work in both English and French."
Philip Bélanger
Senior Consultant
Employment Programs and Services
Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour

"We were already well aware of Diversis’ reputation for expertise in this area. We were looking for a professional, innovative consulting firm that was able to work independently, without any hand-holding on our part. They admirably fulfilled all of our expectations."
Lise Ouellette
General Manager
Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFMNB)

"We got to know the work of Diversis at a national conference and we were instantly impressed. They had such innovative methods. They work in partnership with communities and organizations to help them find out about themselves and to come up with solutions.

Diversis undertook an in-depth analysis of five regions in the southwest area of Ontario for us. The goal was to determine what immigrants might require in order to make places like Simcoe, Windsor or Durham as attractive to them as the traditional nodes for immigrants such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

We have put a lot of what we learned from Diversis into action and we’ve taught other partners to come along with us. They left us with a practical road-map to our goals in terms of attracting and keeping newcomers and immigrants in our area."
Eddy Lukuna
General Manager
Corporation néo-canadienne de développement et de leadership communautaire (COCDEL)

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Télécharger notre documentation - PDF