Are you ready?

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Are you ready?

Is your community or organization ready for the world to come knocking? Is your workplace environment conducive to growth towards the bright future you envision? Is your community ready to receive new people and investment?

How are you really perceived?

i-readinessTM is a tool that lets you take an objective, clinical look at your own community, organization, workplace or institute of learning. i-readinessTM gives you a detailed report that captures where you are now, and where you should be headed. After all, it’s virtually impossible to chart a new course without knowing where you’re starting from.

Identifying and filling gaps

The i-readinessTM process will reveal if you’re ready to attract, integrate and retain newcomers. It will uncover gaps, and let you know if you need to implement practical plans to increase cross-cultural awareness and develop cross-cultural skills so you can cultivate an inclusive environment, while developing the resources newcomers need.

What’s Next

Currently, we offer excellence in implementing i-readinessTM for communities. In the near future we’ll also be offering:
• i-readinessTM for employers
• i-readinessTM for schools
• i-readinessTM for post-secondary institutions
• i-readinessTM for health institutions

Contact us to find out more about your i-readinessTM level or if you want to participate in the testing of our new i-readinessTM products.
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Télécharger notre documentation - PDF