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Diversis Offers a Training Session in China PDF Print E-mail
Diversis was chosen by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), the New Brunswick Population Growth Secretariat and LearnSphere Canada Inc. for the development and delivery of a training program for Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP).

The CIIP program is primarily designed to help immigrants prepare for the integration to Canada while they are still in their country of origin completing final immigration requirements. The specific intent of this mandate was to train the staff of the CIIP Regional offices so that they in turn can contribute to a more successful integration process of immigrant entrepreneurs wanting to come to New Brunswick. This being, immigrant entrepreneurs will:

  • Have a more realistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges they will face,
  • Make better informed decisions about the choices available to them, and
  • Be better equipped to enter the New Brunswick business environment.
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Télécharger notre documentation - PDF
Télécharger notre documentation - PDF