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Lori-Ann Cyr Lori-Ann Cyr is co-founder and CEO of Diversis inc. Instructor and project manager, she’s given university courses in the United States in the field of multicultural education, trained groups of young international interns and assisted several governments and private and public organizations in cross-cultural and immigration management. She travelled for business in over 25 countries. Lori-Ann has worked on immigration related issue for more than 15 years. More ...


The Honorable Aldéa Landry is a lawyer, business woman and highly respected figure in public life. She has truly helped shape public policy in her home province of New Brunswick, within Atlantic Canada and on a national scale. In New Brunswick, Aldéa has served as deputy premier, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, and interim Minister of Fisheries. She also co-founded a successful law firm before launching her own business in 1993. Aldéa is also currently the President of Landal Incorporated, a consulting firm based in Moncton that provides comprehensive counseling services in the areas of organizational and business development and international cooperation. She also acts as a Labour Relations Arbitrator. More ...
Vice President

Cyrille Simard has extensive experience and knowledge of education and training, both as a trainer, project manager and consultant. His expertise is recognized nationally and internationally.He has held the position of Director of Continuing Education and Distance Education as well as Director of the Applied Multimedia Center at the Université de Moncton - Edmundston Campus. More ...

Nadia Angélique is an expert in human resources who comes from France. With 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Nadia has worked in various private firms including manufacturing, health, sales, services and logistics. This has allowed her to serve a wide audience while developing her technical and practical knowledge of human resources. The wealth of it experiences as well as its relational and organizational skills, allow her to adapt easily to different interlocutors and work environments. Nadia holds a Master's degree in Human Resources from the Paris Conservatory of Arts and Trades and Intercultural Psychology and Cross-Cultural Practices from Paris 13 University. Nadia has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion. As part of her duties, she has also carried out various corporate support and awareness-raising mandates in the area of ​​integrating diversity in all its forms.

Salma Ould-dada is a specialist in communication and marketing that comes to us from Morocco. Dedicated from an early age by the discovery and understanding of what surrounds her, she decided to pursue her studies in communication and marketing. After obtaining her Master's degree, Salma decides to apply for the Francophonie International Volunteer Program (OIF) and is chosen among the 2015 promotion volunteers as communication assistant at the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in Lebanon for a one-year term. Passionate about the discovery and the richness of the other, she did not hesitate for a second to left her job as a digital communications manager and embark on her new adventure in New Brunswick in Canada, where she joins our team of Diversis with the aim of sharing its experience and knowledge, particularly linguistic, since it is trilingual (Arabic, French and English), and to contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity through intercultural understanding and communication.

Christine Privat is an immigrant who comes to us from France where she held a French bachelor's degree in accounting and management. She has recently obtained a degree in Business Management at the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB - Edmundston campus). She also has experience in business, leadership and organization management. Since her arrival in Canada, she has been involved in several projects. She was the Vice President of Finance of CCNB student council and completed her internship at the Edmundston Chamber of Commerce. She also participated in the organization of the ÉduPôle Job Fair. Christine has obtained two awards of recognition within the CCNB: "Hardworker" Award and the team spirit, positive attitude, dedication, determination and commitment from her Business Management student cohort. She is currently involved in the training component of the Hive in Edmundston.

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Télécharger notre documentation - PDF